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My apartment complex, Harbour Run Apartments in Mentor on the Lake, OH is using NWP to commit fraud on the residents. The apartment complex is acting out like a utility in charging us for "voodoo" billing. As they are acting as a utility they need to be approved by the Ohio EPA as a water and sewer utility, which they are not.

We receive water and sewer bills that do not reflect actual usages, as there are no meters or any accountability whatsoever. Many residents, especially single elderly residents on fixed incomes receive water/sewer bills of over $50/month. There are no meters and they use 'voodoo" formulas to "guesstimate" how much water they think you use.

Complaints have been forwarded to the Ohio EPA and the media and justice soon will prevail. Also a class action law suit is being formed. The Ohio EPA stated that the apartment complex will need to file to become a water and sewer utility in order to "resell" water to its residents. This will entail water monitoring by the State of Ohio EPA.

Complaints of wrong water/sewer bills to NWP end up getting "canned" responses and the drones on the phones just read a scripted statement.

Review about: Nwp Services Corporation Water Supply.

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I live in CA, same story...ripped off to the tune of $90+ due to their destruction of a check paid for services. It is fraud in the most blatant sense.


I stopped paying them two years ago. I live at the same complex.

Even the office staff do not care anymore. They cant shut off the water, no individual meters. The whole building would have to be shut off.

I feel bad for office staff as complex in foreclosure and being sold next month. :grin

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